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What is Walls2Walls Coaching?

Walls2Walls Coaching offers a fresh and experienced approach on personal, professional leadership development and coaching.

Through the offered programs and services Walls2Walls creates life altering impacts that lead to positive change. Our team works one-on-one with clients to ensure they gain useful and relevant information.

All programs are custom tailored to meet the clients and audience’s needs, goals and objectives. Walls2Walls Coaching offers a differentiated service with a comprehensive arsenal of knowledge and expertise.

Areas of expertise, certification, both life and professional experience set Walls2Walls apart from similar firms.

Walls2Walls offers insightful perspective on achievement from being an NFL Legend with over 20+ years of both business and entrepreneur experience, servant leadership and other accomplished achievements.

Walls2Walls Coaching works with all types of organizations, leaders and athletes to create customized and cutting edge growth programs, services and activities.

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Walls2Walls Coaching...Legendary Experience for

Maximum Growth.

Do you want to engage your group with a compelling story of perseverance, success and leadership? NFL Legend, entrepreneur and community leader Lenny Walls and his team are prepared to deliver a transformational experience of growth, contribution and value. Walls2Walls Coaching offers an array of programs, services, activities and topics to promote growth, change and development. Below are some services, delivery mediums and popular topics offered by Walls2Walls Coaching:

Key Services & Activities

Service & Activity Mediums

Popular Speech Topics

Audience Listening to a Speaker on the Stage
  • Public Speaking, Speaking Engagements & Keynote
  • Crowd Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Professional & Personal Development
  • Sales Training
  • Team Building
  • Brainstorming
  • Life Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Organizational Retreats
  • In-House Corporate Training
  • One-On-One Meetings & Calls
  • University & City Tours
  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • Path to Success—Personal, Professional and Social
  • Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Sports Motivation, Inspiration and Achievement
  • Health & Wellness: Finding a Balance of a Healthy Body, Mind and Soul
  • Perseverance: From Succeeding Against All Odds



Gifted with confidence, ambition and a passion for learning, Lenny Walls is determined to succeed in all that he does.

The fuel to his drive began to overflow after he lost his father at the tender age of 5. He watched his mom struggle both working and selling drugs to provide for the family. With all odds against him Lenny made it to the NFL and played professional football for over 10 years. His longest tenure with the Denver Broncos.

Aside from his legendary athletic prominence he is an entrepreneur and servant leader in the community with a passion to influence and add value to others. Lenny took the lessons of his years in the NFL on and off the field and established various enterprises.

Lenny is a certified coach, teacher, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Leadership Team. In this capacity he develops, motivates and coaches individuals, teams and businesses to reach pinnacle heights.

In 2011 Lenny established Walls Next Level Fitness which is his healthy living company providing personal training, meal plans, online coaching, group classes and other health benefiting products.

In 2013 Lenny established his non-profit foundation, Breaking Down Walls (501c3). His mission is to use the power of mentorship and affordable sports programs for at-risk youth to positively impact children and influence a healthy mind, body and soul. Lenny believes that anyone can design an extraordinary life for themselves if they are willing to recondition and reprogram their thought process regardless of their circumstances. His personal mission is to inspire others to embrace the challenge of life, grow daily and most importantly, contribute to others and make a difference!

In 2019 Lenny established Walls2Walls Capital in partnership with Rainwater properties to build his real-estate portfolio. Primarily focusing on single-family and multi-family rehabilitation projects.

In 2021 Lenny established Walls2Walls Investments partnering with a global technology company that helps people earn and learn in the financial markets. Everything from stocks, index's, crypto currency and the forex market.

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